From Director Desk

From Director's Desk

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.
– Marcus Aurelius

With the firm belief that observation gives you wisdom to look at different perspectives, I have always been a keen observer not only in terms of looking at life but also in gaining panoramic view of rationale followed in Physics. I have a child like curiosity and this has helped me realizing that Physics is not a mere subject but a world to me. I have an inclination towards this subject since my childhood days due to its application in real life. It amazes me to share that Physics has not been taught to me by just teachers but their sage, the “Books”. Books are my lifeline and I consider them as God because I firmly believe in them more than anything else in my life. It was the sheer interest which made me read books from all kinds of writers across the world.

Teaching is a noble job which caters to generation and helps in developing the nation as a whole. While reminiscing my initial days of teaching experience it makes me proud that from my first batch 24 students out of 45 qualified in IIT and the most interesting part is they were the average students who have developed the acumen to learn through my teaching methodology. Prior to initiating my individual mentoring classes of Physics, I have worked with various coaching institutes for over a decade. The difference which you will feel between being a part of CKP school of Physics and other coaching institute is the teaching methodology. My individual mentoring will help a student to qualify in the most difficult subject, Physics, in any competitive examination. My teaching is collection of experience of some of world’s best authors, Nobel laureates and renowned teacher of physics, for me there is a natural flow of teaching and everything comes naturally to me.

My Teaching Philosophy

My formula for teaching is DDA philosophy, which is Definition, Derivation, and Application. I believe in organic way of Inducing Knowledge, where student and teacher are equal participants in learning process, Thier indulgence in due process of learning makes the subject even more interesting which builds confidence among students to take on new challenges and equip them to become self reliant. It also helps students to retain the key concepts for very long time. Physics is not a subject which could be taught unilaterally, but a subject where students need to be drawn towards it with with curiosity and that curiosity comes with right reasoning and right questioning in class. My DDA philosophy make this process quite easier. My class Content are thoroughly researched and flow of topic follows natural choice, every topic is so interwined that if you remember the beginning it will lead you to the next without confusion also With my overall experience of more than 12 years of formal teaching and the insights I have gained through interaction with toppers, books from best authors capacitates me to give the best examples.

I firmly believe that anyone with bit of curiosity and patience can learn the craft of solving Physics, I emphasize more on theory before diving in sea of the problem.