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Our students find CKP School of Physics as an excellent supplement to equip them with firm foundations of physics while preparing to take on more challenging standards in higher levels of physics.

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At CKP school of physics, we use tools of Physics in the teaching for moving the students from mindless memorization to understanding. To maximize learning, We minimize cognitive load by limiting the amount of material presented. To move a student toward expert competence, we focus on the development of the student’s mental organizational structure by addressing the ‘why’ of the subject & its topics.

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AIR 17 JEE Advanced 2016

My name is Utkarsh Gupta(AIR 17 JEE Advanced 2016). I am currently studying CSE at IIT Bombay. I would like to thank CKP Sir for his valuable insights and spending his time with me in problem solving sessions in which problems were beyond JEE level but sir solved them easily and showed me how tough

Utkarsh Gupta
AIR 10 JEE Main 2016, Selected for OCSC physics, KVPY AIR 33, International Chemistry Olympiad Gold medallist, 96.8% in CBSE Boards

I learnt Physics from Chandan

I learnt Physics from Chandan Sir in the years 11-13 at FIITJEE Kandivali, Mumbai. Good teachers teach but excellent teachers inspire. Chandan sir was surely the latter. I still remember the introductory calculus that he taught in a fantastic manner as well as the shocking moment when he taught that heat is nothing but kinetic

Sagar Acharya
AIR 1888 JEE Advanced 2014

Final year student @ MechE, IITB

CKP sir started teaching our batch in Resonance just after our JEE Main. My performance in physics in jee main was far below my expectations. I had always been fearful of the subject and my confidence was at an all-time low. CKP sir made us actually visualize the problems and the basic concepts involved. He

Debanjali Chatterjee
AIR 685 IIT JEE Advanced 2016

I recommend the in-depth tutelage of CKP sir

A solid foundation in science forms the basis of a person’s subsequent scientific endeavors. Fondly revered as CKP sir, Prof. Chandan introduced me to the fundamentals of maths and physics at an early stage. With his passionately kind eyes, patient demeanor and engaging teaching methodology, he laid the foundations of my understanding of physics. Equipped

Shaswat Gupta
AIR 1110 in IIT-JEE Advanced - IIT Bombay

I would like to recommend CKP Sir

My name is manav nitin (AIR 1367 IIT JEE Advance). I would like to say a big thank youto ckp sir for guiding me throught my journey of two years, and finally succeeding to achieve our goal. I am currently atuding in IIT Kharagpur in the department of electrical engineering. Sir had taught me physics

Manav Nitin
AIR 1367 IIT JEE Advance

IIT JEE 2019

My name is Parth Sandip Patil. CKP sir took my physics classes in Resonance, I personally used to hate this subject, before joining the coaching, and was attracted towards JEE only due to chemistry, but my definition towards the subject was changed entirely by Chandan sir. Though my journey with him was for 1 year

Parth Sandip Patil
AIR 2041 IIT JEE Advanced 2019 - IIT Kanpur

IIT Kharagpur (Graduating in 2020)

CKP Sir (I have known Chandan Kumar sir like this all along) has been a mentor, guide and above all an excellent teacher. JEE Advanced is an exam that requires a good deal of fundamental understanding of the subject, an ability to solve problems using various concepts at once and to do all this in

Raj Narayanan
AIR 2888 IIT JEE Advanced - IIT Kharagpur

Chandan sir taught me physics

Chandan sir taught me physics while I was at FIITJEE for a period of 2 years.
His teaching methodology involves imbibing an intuition rendering it easy for students to grasp the concepts. He motivates, encourages and pursues his students at every stage fulfilling the duty of a guru.
He inspired me to take

Jeet Desai, BITS Pilani
1) JEE Advanced 2013, AIR 5100

A great experience with Chandan Sir

I remember the first time I contacted Chandan Sir. We were having trouble fixing a time for the trial lecture. I said ‘Sir, let’s keep it at 5 am,’ and he readily agreed. When the lecture began, I was barely awake, but my mind was blown away when he started teaching. Although I’d already been

Manraj Chandhok
AIR 10750 IIT JEE Advance

IIT JEE 2017

Chandan sir is a master blaster in the field of physics. He literally came to class and blasted us with his knowledge and with subtle humour. After explaining the theory, he taught us how to solve the so called “difficult questions” with ease. He also movitaved us to excel and helped us to build self

Sarthak Pushkar
JEE advanced

How CKP sir influenced my 2 years journey of IIT preparation

My name is Karan Ravindra Shetty. I am a Btech graduate from National Institute of Technology Warangal. I did my Btech in Electronics and Communications Engineer.
I began my journey to pursue my dream to become an Engineer after passing out from Higher Secondary School (Just like you guys will be starting your journey

Karan Shetty
Scoring 270 in JEE Mains, Securing an admission in NIT Warangal (One of the top NITs of India), Internship as Software Engineer in Samsung Research Institute Bangalore (SRIB), Securing Full Time Opportunity in Telstra (Australia's Telecommunication Giant) as a Software Engineer.

My FITJEE Physics Coach “Chandan sir”

Chandan sir taught me physics during my days at FIITJEE (2011-2013). He has always been very energetic and engaging when it comes to teaching. I was not so good at physics, but Chandan sir made sure that I understood the concepts, and not just the formulas. He was personally invested in my learning, just like

Aditya Bapat

IIT JEE Coaching

Physics had always been one of the hardest subjects for me. But once I started taking classes from Chandan Sir, it all became so easy. I began to visualize the concepts and see their practical use in our day to day life. Soon it became my favorite subject, only because of Chandan Sir. He is

Shubhika Goyal

A journey from no physics to physics

All the physics I know is due to sir only…Sir has helped me change my attitude towards the subject… The techniques he has are the best and they can get to the correct answers in seconds… Tho I haven’t achieved much success but my mks in physics are all due to him. .. I would

Currently studying at ICT (formerly UDCT), Mumbai

Comp Science Graduate, NMIMS’19

“Chandan sir goes the extra mile to make sure his students are building a knack for problem solving. He works on the fundamental aspects of not only cracking problems in physics but also the approach that one should take while attempting the solution.   Highly passionate, backed with the skill and love for physics makes

Adwait Goel
Co-Founder & Strategist, TheLabs

Thank you for cultivating interest for physics in me.

The knowlege you get in your higher secondary years(11th, 12th)basically sets you up for College. I sincerely thank Chandan Sir for arousing tremendous interest for physics in me and inculcating his immense knowledge about physics among us. One thing I liked about him is that he was never contained and use to challenge us by

Amit Verma
Software developer, IBM